Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Paladin Paladr's Preposterous Production

Tuesday last week I logged on and got a tell from our GM of Buttered Monkeys. Seems he needed some assistance with his pally’s level 22+ weapon quest. I logged onto Ravenkiller who BTW is halfway through 25, and met up with him at Ragefire Caverns. We blew through most of it till the final room with its honeycomb design. Multiple pulls almost did us in but we managed to win through to the end. We summoned the quest mob and kilt him ded. Blood was taken and we started the long haul to Black Fathom Deeps. I had not been in the area as yet so it was a long run for me. Got both FPs in the area so no big whoop.

We entered BFD, killed 3 mobs. On the 3rd mob the quest item dropped……F’n Yeah!

We leave the area just as anther guildy logs on. It’s our priest friend Nynave. “you wanna come run SFK to the stables for the GM?” Sure he says, and he’s already in UC. Don’t get no better then that. I ported to UC…no wait I was out of runes…..I Hearthed to TM and flew to UC. I met up with the priest at SFK’s stone and we summoned the GM.

We ploughed through to the stables. Only a few times were we in jeopardy due to some of the mobs having Anti magic shields. Pretty much made me have to melee. We get to the stables and the GM pulls the single mob guarding the box he needs. He used an AOE to grab aggro…unfortunately it pulled the horse he was next to, which pissed it and his buddies off. They attack and we are goin down. The priest keeps up the heals while we try to take down the guard. GM goes down and they turn on me. I manage to burn the guard down before I hightail it outta there. I’m talking assholes and elbows people. I was using every thing I had to keep them from catching me. I jumped down the entrance and zoned out…the priest wasn’t so lucky. I think they smooshed him. Survival…that what I do especially as a squishy. They ran back and rezzed inside. We approached the stables and see the horses peacefully glaring at us but they don’t attack. The GM gets his goods and we all go to meet up with him at Silvermoon for the forging of the blade.

I DC’d before I could get 2 steps inside SM. Thankfully they waited. I got to see the little blacksmith crank out a beautiful piece or the GM.
(Picture here)

After the forging the GM called it a night and I stuck around long enough to do some shopping and AH work on Ravenkiller and Jolygreen. Might have some decent cash waiting when I log on tonight.

*I really need to get me into the mode of adding pictures to some of these.

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