Monday, June 04, 2007

Busy week, gold grows when tended.

I started to play my Gnome some more since I can't really play with the wife all that much on Velen. I finally started the Kara chain. I now need the first Fragment, course it seems to be the hardest to acquire. A few more runs and I will be revered with CE and can start to run that Heroic there. Looking to get me a primal nether for my Epic Goggles of DOOM! I cleared out a whole lot of quests and started in on the Netherstorm quests as well. I have made over 300g just from quests and a few instances. I'm only half way done with the quests in Netherstorm. I still have yet to go to Shadowmoon and start the quests there. Plus all the instance quests I have neglected are waiting for completion. There are a few scattered quests in Nagrand, Terrokar and Blade’s Edge that I have not touched yet. With the new daily quests it won’t be hard to get a constant income of cash. I tried out the Skyguard quests and started the Ogre’s chain but dropped them to go and run with the wife for an hour or so. With all the quests now available to me I don’t see me having trouble getting to 5k gold. Might be able to afford to start the Netherdrake quest chains for the mount. I want one o them. I just have to pick the right times to tackle the tight quests so I can have support.

Last weekend I spent 4 hours farming netherweave cloth for my wife’s character. I shot for and got 16 stacks of 20 plus several green items and a mess of Marks of Kejadeen or what ever. Also picked all kinds of pockets and made 40g just from drops and pockets. Landed 4 stacks of Super Healing potions for use in making a Healing potion Injector. I had to return to sell and repair about the same time as getting all the cloth and running out of space. After transferring all that cloth and the Arcane Dust from the green items Snow started to make all the Imbued Netherweave bags she could. Turned out we had enough mats for 3 bags. She made them and posted them for a price I recommended. All three sold in less then 2 hours. 30g a pop. I’m leaving the gold she makes form my farming on Snow. If I can gather enough cloth to keep making the bags I can make enough money from quests and bag making to afford Mindkiller the epic flyer training and buy Snow an epic ground mount.

I checked Joly last night since I haven’t played him in 9 days. I forgot I had put some bags up n the AH. They had all sold. Walked away with 14g in me bags. Bag making is defiantly lucrative in any server population. Only downside is getting to where you can make them and farm/buy the mats cheap. Meh, still worth it.

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